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Thomas O. Morgan, D.C., B.S., FICA, FPAC 
Mary Ann (Kalb) Morgan, B.A. 

The dynamic chiropractic team of Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Morgan has been helping doctors build their practices as well as buy and sell their practices for years. They presented their Volume Practice Seminars in Atlanta for many years and now they are involved full time in Practice Sales and Coaching. Dr. Tom Morgan can sell your practice. He has access to new doctors who want to purchase your practice. He has over ten years of experience as a practice broker. There are no up front fees, just a straight 7% commission at the time of Closing. He provides a written Practice Analysis for $300.00, plus Lender/loan information, FREE listings and Sales Agreement services. Dr. Morgan practiced for thirty years before becoming a practice broker. He sold three of his own practices and has listed practices in almost every state in the U.S. , as well as in Australia , Canada and Mexico . Experience counts in practice sales. Call today 770 748-6084, VolumeDC@aol.com .


Dr. Tom Morgan wrote the book on Volume Practice. He personally had one of the largest practices in the world. Dr. Tom, with his wife and office manager, Mary Ann, has been coaching doctors about how to increase their “volume” for decades. Dr. Morgan has written four books on Chiropractic and has helped hundreds of doctors with all aspects of practice management. He also teaches the “Touch & Tell System” and instrument adjusting. You can be coached by one of the legends in chiropractic.