We have to understand more about the adjustment and the subluxation. This has to be our primary research. There is something profoundly right and solid about our work and about the ease with which we memorize the patient's subluxation as well as how effortlessly we can clear them out - time and time again. It is our clinical pleasure watching them change for the better over time. This C-SPIRIT makes us want to stop every person we see walking around out of posture and tell them about chiropractic. It makes every person we listen to or hear about who needs the benefit from chiropractic right for our adjustment. There is fulfillment granted by God in the expression of this C-SPIRIT. It pushes us to adjust that next person, whether they are rich or poor, good or bad, right or wrong, terminal or just acute; even if they are thankful or not, we have a life changing adjustment waiting for them. I think our C-SPIRIT speaks from our soul to what's good for them. I couldn't talk this out even with the Touch and Tell System. It is not just from "experience" we speak. We represent those results after medicine has failed. We represent a belief from what we have seen and achieved in cases like theirs.

Our C-SPIRIT ethos radiates this love and service we have for them. It is a passion that aches for them in our chiropractic spirit. Doctor, we must hold our C-SPIRIT close within, in a secret place if you will. Don't let this medical world soften you up on its mission in you. Patients still come in to see how much you believe in chiropractic. In our offices we must present in front of each patient with the flame of our C-SPIRIT, they do not understand. We know the end from the beginning, even before their first adjustment. We know they desire symptom change, but they have been looking for it in all the wrong places.

Our practices have never been about being against the medical system - nor are we out there vying for medical "business". Against popular opinion, we do know the rightful place medicine and surgery has in this world and we understand the fact that their inherent devastation lies in the "racketeering", in their billing systems, in their over utilization with dangerous and killing drugs and surgery. We want family visits regular in our offices. It's got to be about being as subluxation free as possible. These are the only people who have a chance to consider chiropractic FIRST care, before ever considering medicine. These patients are the only group that can consider the danger in drugs. And they are under siege to their outside family and friends that accept drugs – as the only way to treat symptoms.

Every doctor of every type will tell you most of the chronic conditions today are from drug abuse and ignorance in lifestyle compliance. Yes, better diet, exercise, and the spiritual embrace would help change our world, but hardly anyone but we chiropractors factor in the benefits of long term, consistent chiropractic care. We are the only ones who appreciate the work innate is doing inside each of us, and stay focused on what we can do to help innate change us for the better over time (The Big Idea).

So just how does a healing principle and practice take hold in a person? How does the truth about where health originates, and what part the adjustment plays in helping innate change us for the better, fit into such a burning desire to see chiropractic truth win out over medicine? Do we really know how fortunate and fantastic it is to know we can put our hands on people everyday and it helps them? It happens everyday to you and me, weather we are thankful or not. It happened everytime I put my hands on their spines and every time I corrected the interference to normal movement patterns. I see myself in my mind's eye -doing just that - at that moment in time. I did it without doubt, without economics and without self. I kept serving and living for the day when everyone will see this principle in action as I see it. It is just a matter of time. I know in my core C-SPIRIT that chiropractic is a gift that has been given to me, that I did nothing to deserve being in the profession, or even being led to chiropractic college.

What sets us chiropractors apart from other doctors is our willingness to except chiropractic and to be true to it. I look at it as true to the God that guides and directs my life. Even now, even with all the words I have written, all the thoughts I have thought, all the study and talk, the C-SPIRIT is bigger than all that. I know that my effort here is just more of the "scratching" on that surface. I think what my success has been all about is the fact that I can shut out the world around me, keep the C-SPIRIT safe inside me, and have that one track mind and a willingness to do the work. Doctor, do all you can to have this central focus on your job at hand. Keeping your C-SPIRIT safe will keep your work sacred, and keep you believing that this work is bigger and more important than the next organ transplant, medical technology or any new synthetic chemical.

Thomas Outler Morgan, DC