Mary Ann Morgan, B.A. 

Hebrews 11:1-3 

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible." We in chiropractic believe that the healing principle of innate intelligence was in God’s plan in the beginning. It would simply make no sense for a loving and all knowledgeable God to create humankind without a built in system of healing for the physical body. Chiropractic has identified this built in healing system as "innate intelligence", and it is under constant study today. This principle was revealed to the Palmers, tried and tested in clinic all over the world, and found by clinical evaluation to be valid. However, the basic mystery of innate intelligence is still based on faith today, although our scientific evidence is beginning to back this theory up. We have indeed come a long way since D.D. first adjusted Harvey Lilliard, but an important question for all of us is "How much do I really believe it, and what am I going to do when my faith in this inborn intelligence is tested? It is one thing to understand a theory. It is quite another thing to watch this theory be proven in your office, but the "proof of the pudding" so to speak, actually comes when you decide to live your life according to your faith in this healing principle, with yourself first, but then with your family - especially your children. What are you going to do when your kids et symptoms? How much of the chiropractic healing message are you going to teach them? 

Chiropractic, for most of us, requires a "leap of faith" just as belief in Jesus Christ does. Most of us were brought up in medical oriented homes and families. We were taught by our parents and other family members that "Medicine is good; the hospital is a place of healing; and that medical doctors help the sick get well. When I first learned about chiropractic, I had to "unlearn" all of what I thought I knew about health so far. I had to begin to look at causes and corrections, rather than symptoms and diseases. This way of thinking appealed to me, even at first. I wanted to learn more about it, and I desperately wanted to believe it, because it made much more sense to me than the other way. However, no matter how deep my faith was, it still needed reinforcing at times. 

This was especially true when Tom and I had children. It is one thing to be able to wait out your own symptoms, but it is another whole item to be able to wait for innate intelligence to heal your own children. In the early days, I got a lot of reinforcement from other women in chiropractic - those women who had learned to wait on innate, and to look to the power that made the body - even the bodies of their children - to heal the body. I think women in chiropractic need even more reinforcement today, because there is a lot more medical advertising today than there ever was when our kids were little. It infinitely helped me to be around other mothers and wives who were committed to not taking any drugs themselves, as well as to refusing to give drugs to their children. It helped me every time I saw a chiropractic kid who was not immunized and who was completely healthy. It also helped me every time I saw one of our own kids overcome a childhood illness and come out on the other side stronger than before. Tom and I worked hard at this when our kids were little. We chose to talk with them about innate intelligence, and to talk about giving innate time to heal them, as well as talking about their responsibility to innate to give it good food and plenty of water to work with, while the healing was taking place. 

All three of our kids are practicing chiropractors today, and one of the things that I still marvel at was their apparent nonchalance about accepting the healing principles of chiropractic when they were actually in chiropractic school. When Tom and I first discovered the principle of innate healing, it was overwhelming to us. We could not read enough books, or talk to enough people about it. When our three kids got into chiropractic school, they were not quite as interested in the philosophy of chiropractic as I thought they would be. When I questioned them about this fact, they all three said "Well, Mom, I don’t need to try to believe that it works. I already know it." It is the same way now that they all three are in practice. They simply go into their respective offices, expecting healing miracles to take place - because they saw so many of them when they worked for us! 

Many women ask me how to get committed to this healing principle. It is definitely harder today, because women who are not chiropractors are now urged to "find their own identities and not take on the identity of their husbands." Here is what I tell them: 

1. Read books. Chiropractic books that help build your faith are Healing Hands by Dr. Joe Maynard, The Chiropractic Story, by Marcus Bach, For the Love of Children, by Dr. Lou Briegel, and Volume Practice, by Dr. Tom Morgan! Can you imagine trying to live out your faith in Jesus Christ, without some kind of daily reinforcement? It is the same with anything that you are really interested in - especially something like chiropractic, which goes against all the propaganda put out by the medical profession and the media. We have to have daily reinforcement, and reading is part of this. 

2. Work in the office. If you want to see really sick people get well with the adjustment, then the only way to do this is to be there when it happens. It will build your faith considerably just to see a healing miracle or two. 

3. Block all TV commercials which advertise drugs. We use the mute button regularly. Don’t watch, and don’t listen. 

4. Use every opportunity to talk over the healing principle of chiropractic care with your kids. They usually won’t argue, especially if they are little, because to them, YOU are the authority. They are a good safe way to talk about your chiropractic belief system. They basically believe what you tell them, and as you are telling them, you begin to understand it better yourself. After you do this for awhile, start branching out by telling other family members about chiropractic. You may not get through to them, but you will reinforce yourself! 

5. LIVE IT. Throw out all your medications. Don’t give yourself any options. It either works or it doesn’t and believe me, it DOES. First though, you have to give it a chance - NO PRISONERS. 

Mary Ann Morgan, B.A. 

A CA and office manger for Family Chiropractic Offices for more than 30 years, Mary Ann and her husband Dr. Tom Morgan are full time chiropractic consultants and regular speakers at the Volume Practice Seminars. Their three children are chiropractors. She can be reached at