Every chiropractor who has practiced any length of time can tell you that we are just scratching the surface understanding the subluxation and understanding the greatness in chiropractic. The facts are plain that we are just scratching the surface being able to explain everything that happens after the adjustment. What about that "quantum physics" response during the patient contact and in the doctor's intent and dedication. What part does this play in the healing process? Let's look at that "scratch" on the surface (106+ years of study and clinical application).

There is a reason I mention, time and time again, that your success is tied to the amount of your belief and dedication. Does that push our science past quantum physics into the "faith" realm? There is a component here that because of the lack of subluxation research we can draw more "faith" from our cured patients. I remember the first time I felt a vertebra "move" under my pisiform. It was an epiphany for me. I remember thinking -YEAH! I CAN DO THIS! After combining the pre and post tactile touch with learning the innate philosophy, I became on fire for chiropractic. Yes, it blew me away when I was young and it still does today.

BJ didn't know what to call the mission or this "fired up" experience gained from adjusting, or the "insight" and excitement his students displayed from the power of the innate philosophy. He didn't know what to call it, except "BIG". And then he added "THE BIGNESS". We have all experienced this bigness. What this bigness did to me was to somehow, make chiropractic get bigger and bigger every time I gave that right adjustment, at the right place, at the right time – and saw miracles happen before my very eyes. It was not just that patient who was blind and whose sight came back, or the deaf women whose hearing came back, the lame raising up and walking or the mute talking. Even just the average acute pain case responding makes me excited and willing to embrace the "BIGNESS" more and more.

I remember my chiropractor back in Kentucky, Dr. Joe King. Every time I saw him he would be talking about an amazing case he had that week. Even now, when I talk to our three kids, I ask them about the miracle case they had this week. I picked this up from Joe and began this discipline. Everyday in practice I kept searching for that healing, that was a great part of this "BIG". It kept me on fire and it became my practice mission and obsession. I remember those days when I was starting 40 to 50 new patients a day. It was like the doctors on mission trips abroad, with patients lined up around the block. The higher the volume, the more quiet I became around patients, and the more humble I felt. Our office goal was to put a miracle case testimonial in the local new paper every week. It became the talk of the town. This put me on a deeper quest to work harder on the Touch & Tell disciplines. I could put my hand on a patient's spine and tell him or her how every system was functioning. I began to get myself in position to work more hours, more days, and have more volume – up to that day we hit 400! I still feel THE ….. BIG from that day! 

We chiropractors are so isolated in our minds and in our offices that we get caught up in insurance harassment and paperwork, and forget this mission. Rarely do patients know what we are thinking in their presence. Rarely do we see patients who know their subluxations, or even realize when "the power is turned on", or when they are "cleared" out. Rarely do they know what to expect from long term care. The irony for me when I got into the politics of our profession and was elected to leadership positions was to find out that not everyone was looking at the "BIG" in the profession or how they could get this "BIG" to the world around us. Politics stayed on a petty scale. They were mostly interested in scope of practice, who was advertising, and who was jealous of the big practices. I never figured out why we could not get past our little self indulged thinking. Even on the national front a paradox was developing. The new MEDICARE language said we are to be reimbursed for "adjusting the subluxations as seen on X-ray to exist". That verbiage, written down in the Federal Register in 1973 should have started a research frenzy into the subluxation. It should have marked and changed the profession forever. Contrary to this idea, the profession set itself into an anti subluxation mode. A lot of schools and national leaders seemed determined to say there is no subluxation that exists. All I read in our journals was how our political lobby was trying to get the FEDS to pay for X-rays, exams and modalities. Very few research projects went after the subluxation, and very little focus was put on natural innate healing and the chiropractic lifestyle. It was like our profession forgot the MEDICARE mandate. Instead we moved further on into condition based research and adding on services so medical insurance would pay us more. Our "guidelines" focused on determining how many adjustments it would take for each condition. These practice guidelines are still in place, and the subluxation still needs more research. Join with me supporting Dr. Chris Colloca and the Impluse instrument research. He is doing more subluxation research than anyone I know of today. 

As my Grandma (Ganny) used to say "What's to become of us"? I can't answer all this now or maybe ever in my lifetime, but I can speak to what is in my heart. I still live in that "BIG". It is where I want to stay. It's the same as when I sat in chiropractic school and heard the philosophy, when I give my first adjustment. I still feel a "divine" raison d'etre in my life. I called this the "fire" the "Chiropractic Spirit" {C-SPIRIT} that resides in the hearts and minds of every chiropractor. I don't know "why" to this day, but I felt this Chiropractic Spirit burning in my soul. It was more than just something "new" to me. It took hold of me, this "Spirit". Our patients do not know all we know about the subluxation and adjusting technique, but they don't have to know what we know. All I ever wanted was for them to be interested enough to learn more about chiropractic and respect the greatness of our science, my intent, and my skill as a practitioner. To say I "love" chiropractic could be in that mix. All I know is that in the core of my being lies this insatiable desire to see chiropractic reach its rightful place in the lifestyle of all people. When my patients can factor chiropractic into their lifestyle, like we all do, the world changes. When I was challenged by my first quarter instructor to go home that first break and tell my parents about the "truth and depth" of chiropractic - when he challenged us to reveal the value that was there for them, and to make sure they got checked and adjusted regularly all the rest of their lives – reality set in for me. It took me five years of constant "working" on them before they went regularly for adjustments for the rest of their life. Little did I know this exercise in first quarter would be the great challenge of my chiropractic career. I started on a life time effort to change the world - because the medical system has everyone trained wrong. It is still that way today, but the patients who respect and utilize chiropractic keep us going, in spite of them sometimes slipping into that place of the over utilized drug and surgery infested society, our appreciative patients make me know we are moving forward.