1. Never walk In doubt

I work with doctors who want to talk about each patient who does not respond like the doctor expects. I had one doctor say, even though he has practiced 25 years that he did not think HE believed in TIC. This kind of doctor lives on the skeptic side of life. They are waiting until TIC (chiropracTIC) science has all the answers to every patient’s condition- BEFORE they can accept our innate healing principles in full faith. I had a biochemist who taught in a medical school tell me that we maybe know 7% of our chemistry. He spent his entire graduate training, studying tryptophane. Even with all the work that has been done in this field, he informed me that we know only two to three percent of just this one amine alone! Still the medics keep pumping the bloodstreams full of chemicals BECAUSE OF A PREDICITABLE RESPONSE FROM THE DRUGS. Does your body language give off the ethos of a doctor who is believing in a "predictable response?" You must speak out about the positive results we get with patients, and work on your technique and keep focused on this at all times. I saw a poll that the Dynamic Chiropractic tabloid conducted that revealed that ALL chiropractors get about 80% positive results on all cases in their office. FOCUS ON THAT!

2. Increase your faith in chiropractic

"Faith is a mental activity that draws God into our minds and into our imaginations. THEN - a passion begins to inflame our wills, and motivates us to ACTION."  You have to watch all mental thought patterns. You have to bring your will to bear the POSITIVE POINT, where you can step out in faith. You have to believe that this is a supernatural event; that you can generate faith, but only with a positive mindset and a positive will to believe in TRUTH.

3. Faith needs action.

Your actions must be more than verbal. Yes, talk positive and insist that negative self talk be detonated and destroyed in your thought life, but then - act as if innate can cure every dis-ease. Innate Intelligence knows all physiology; knows how to adapt to your adjustment; so keep adjusting and never give up in your mind. Even when I have to refer to crisis care, I know the adjustments, over time, will let innate change that patients quality of life for the better.

4. Clear out your patients (Touch & Tell System)

You must be able to test for subluxations, adjust and know that the patient is "cleared" out on each visit. Remember, each vertebral movement is a response of the nervous system. The mechanoreceptors are firing in the order of the movement. The memory of each movement following the adjustment, is changed and "remembered" by innate. Therefore it is "time and repetition" that make the adjustment work. You want subluxations to resolve or come to a point of stability. That is how you manage your patients. This is how we manage our own subluxations. When we know our patient is cleared out, positive faith in the principles of TIC, that innate knows how to correct the dys-function (dis-ease), is the next step. 

5. See the end at the beginning

You must be pledging your complete understanding of chiropractic, and your faith in innate - BEFORE each adjustment. This pre-belief pattern will be reflected in your positive will that the adjustment will benefit the patient BEFORE you even begin. You exude hope, confidence, understanding in the healing principles of TIC.

6. Become self inspired

A doctor who is excited about adjusting and caring for his or her patients becomes a healer. This causes multiple referrals to begin. It is couched in the "pre-faith" mind set. You talk, act and become transformed by this TIC character.

7. Renew you mind daily

You must keep focused. You must try to not be affected by the world around you. You are in the world but not in the world’s place mentally and spiritually. You do this by finding people with like minds. Reading positive material/books each day, going to positive seminars like Volume Practice Seminar. In the office, feed off of testimonials, collect them like battle stripes. They increase your faith, they reinforce your mission.